The Gerund That Wanted To Be An Infinitive

A long time ago there was a little gerund living in the Grammarland . It looked the same as any other gerund but it had its own character and feelings.

It might sound like a pretty common case of gerundness, but the gerund had a big dream which made it completely different from all the other gerunds. The idea had stuck in its head – as it was growing up, the more it would think of it… It wanted to be an infinitive.

It believed  that being an infinitive was far more fun than being a gerund. Infinitives were used more often than gerunds. In addition, if it could become an infinitive it would have its own “to”. It would never feel lonely again because its “to” would follow it everywhere.But there was a big-big probleme. It didn’t know how to become an infinitive. It had read all of the Grammar rules , the constitution of the Grammarland , but it couldn’t find anything. It had urged the supreme court of the Grammarland , it had asked the best scientists like the Number π , the V and the F (Velocity and Force) for help, but nobody could do anything about it. It had also tried to enter another parallel universe, but it had failled !!! After a lot of disappointment  it said to itself “you know what … being a gerund isn’t that bad after all.”. From that moment it started seeing things from a different point of view and new horizons appeared before it.

It could enjoy its life without being an infinitive , it knew that it was as important as one but completely different from them. It  was even different than any other gerund.

And from that moment it stopped wondering how to be an infinitive and it started wandering how it could be a better gerund.



The gerund that wanted to be an infinitive!

Once upon a time there was a little Gerund in a village called Doribell where Gerunds and Infinitives lived together peacefully. Everybody was happy, but this special Gerund was not. He disliked being a Gerund. He wanted to be like the Infinitives. He didnt enjoy hanging out with the Gerunds and he wanted to have a “to” so he could join the club with the cool infinitives and have “more important friends”(or so he thought). So, one day he went to the most powerful wizard of the village and asked him to turn him into an infinitive. He was so happy to tell his new Infinitive friends that he had become one of them. Yes, he had joined the club, but there was nothing in the world of Infinitives for him. There was literally nothing in his heart that belonged to the Infinitives’ world. He missed playing with the other Gerunds and they had always been there for him. Then, he understood. He went to the wizard and asked him to be himself again. He was happy with what he was and understood that he didn’t have to change for anyone else.



Gerund and Infinitive were best friends since they were little kids. They always cared about each other. One day, Gerund had the chance to study abroad. Infinitive was very sad and didn’t expect Gerund to study abroad. Gerund imagined living far from Infinitive and he decided to turn the offer of studying abroad down. Infinitive didn’t agree with Gerund because this was a chance of a lifetime. The two best friends ended up studying together.



Once upon a time in a land far far away lived a Gerund. One day, it arranged to go play basketball with the other Gerunds ,but the Infinitives decided to go to the same court.The Gerunds avoided going near the Infinitives because their fathers were part of the town council, so if the Gerunds even considered sharing the basketball court with the Infinitives the  Infinitives would tell them that they owned the place. How much did our little friend wanted to be an Infinitive when things like these happened. It couldn’t stand living such an unfair life anymore! But then when something happens all the time, you eventually get used to it. So did our little friend. He got used to being treated unfairly, but after some time he learned to ignore that and appreciate living his life as it was.


“The Gerund That Wanted To Be An Infinitive”!

It was an ordinary day at school when Gerund saw Infinitive. Gerund had heard that some children arranged to go to a football field to play a football match . Then, Gerund asked Infinitive if he could play with them, but Infinitive refused to let him play with them – you see, Gerund did not know many things about football. Gerund was feeling like no one wanted him for a friend and he discussed it with his parents . The next day Infinitive’s goal was to manage to make the other Infinitives play with Gerund. He wanted to ask Gerund to play with them, because he said that he deserved this chance. The minute he saw Gerund he told him to forget what he had done to him and be friends again – and that’s what happened .



An Important Invention

Internal Combustion Engine (ICE)

The internal combustion engine was a really important invention. It helped mankind solve problems which had to do with transportation in land.

The ICE  is a heat engine formed from many cylinders (most of the times 4) put next to each other. An amount of air enters the cylinder from a valve which  is called intake-valve. Inside the cylinder is a piston.The fuel combustion happens with the help of a spark plug which gives the “spark”  as well as the fuel. The comuastion of the fuel creates high-pressured air which applies force to the  piston causing it to move. The piston is linked to a crankshaft which is linked to the wheels (if we are talking about a car) , so when the piston moves it causes the crankshaft to move which in turn moves the wheels and causes the car to move forward or backward. The crankshaft is placed into what is called a crankcase , in which there is lubricant which helps the action-movement of the crankshaft be seamless and continuous.When the fuel has been combusted it exits the cylinder from another valve which is called exhaust-valve. The exhaust-valve and the intak-valve are linked in such a way that when the first one is open the other one is closed and the other way around.

The internal combustion engines helped mankind in lots of different ways. As we all know they are used until now in modern cars, but they also helped mankind to make more advanced engines in the future such as these which are used in the spaceships and rockets sent in space. So, the ICEs solved many transportation problems and helped the advancement of science.

                                           Χωρίς τίτλοPicture from wikipedia



Songs with Modals

A top-10 list of songs with modals in their titles!

  1. It must have been love – Roxette

  2. I might be wrong – Radiohead

  3. I might lie – Andy Taylor

  4. I could have danced all night – Julie Andrews

  5. I could never be your woman – White Town

  6. I’d love to change the world – Ten Years After

  7. I can’t escape myself – The Sound

  8. I shall be released – The Band

  9. She may have seen better days – Beatrice Kay

  10. Able to see me – Hippie Sabotage

by Maira

Modal poem

She sat on the sand
there was a tear that wouldn´t run
there was a throat that couldn´t speak

She felt for her heart
there was a feeling that shouldn´t be

Finally she gasped for air
but he was still all over
deep under her skin

Be very careful
about what you wish
because it might
come true



And before Guido would give an end to his life

He thought :

“I must have been a really foolish man

but , I wasn’t mad , nor a self seeker.

I was hardworking and honest

religious and wishful , but I had to do it.

I was forced by the voice inside me , because that was fair for me .

To pay for what he did , in that way.

Because before of that I was living a normal life

And I can swear that I was the best in my job.

People from all over the world would come to eat at my restaurant.

But he … he wouldn’t have let that stay as it was.

So firstly he spread rumors that there have been rats in my restaurant.

Then he said that I used horse meat and I named it beef.

But when he saw that I still had more customers then him …

He burnt my restaurant ….

He ruined my whole life ….

And so one night I diceded to take my revenge

And while he was sleeping I stabbed him.

His sheets became red from the blood and he shouted really loud

as I pressed the knife into his back .

Wasn’t it fair ?

He ruined my life and I ruined his.


But then … then … I don’t know what was wrong with me.

I couldn’t sleep at the nights.

I started watching nightmares full of blood and knives which were stabbing me.

I was getting mad for what I had done.

So I must give end to this story … with the same knife I used that night.”